Cloud Services

ERA offers a unique portfolio of cloud solutions and services, from private cloud all the way through to hosted cloud.  The cloud is, by definition, a shifting concept. Different people or organisations have different perspectives on the cloud—some technical, some business-related, some service oriented. We combine all three perspectives to take a complete view of the cloud and how it can be used to help you.

ERA have aligned with best of breed vendors to offer general Cloud Services for your server and storage needs which provides:

  1. a simple to use interface and management portal - your organisation can control access to the services you use with permissions controlled at user and role level.
  2. Business-to-Business billing for ease of budgetting and payment - no credit cards required.
  3. access to ERA Support for help configuring and running Cloud Services - giving you support whether on your site or via remote-access building a mutual understanding of your environment and requirements.
  4. the advantage of the best in class infrastructure and connectivity - whether you need services in the UK or worldwide.
  5. storage and servers in the same data centre - for media workflows this is a great advantage as this helps reduce any latency issues which can be caused if these services are in separate locations.

ERA’s Cloud Services span the complete media lifecycle, from traditional storage, archive and retrieval services through to advanced private cloud platform management and monetization. 

We have expertise in the underlying technologies that power the cloud, in understanding the business opportunities the cloud can bring, and in providing service and delivery models that give you access to the cloud. We have invested considerably in our own expertise and resources for the cloud: it means ERA are ideally placed to help you define, plan and implement the cloud strategy that will best benefit your business.

ERA can build bespoke storage and archive systems deliverering the advantages of cloud/managed services with a cost effective solution. We are also delivering some of our more common solutions in an off-the-shelf plug-and-play setup such as ERA CloudCopy, ERA Archive, ERA RemoteEdit and ERA RenderOnDemand.  

Talk to ERA today and see how we can work together to benefit your business

ERA MediaCloud Services Power STV's New Online Archive and Video Clip Sales Platform : the Scottish broadcaster is using ERA MediaCloud hosted management services to drive its new  footage sales website.  The new website makes use of ERA’s cloud-based infrastructure and storage to manage and provide clip access.   Find out more......

And - our own Sean Baker discusses ERA's Cloud Services offerings